We've built our trading platforms to deliver a dynamic trading experience. Better yet, you can choose a platform best suited to your needs, depending on your trading preferences and focus. 



Recommended for: Simplicity and efficiency

Our Dashboard trading platform was built for traders who need to buy and sell quickly before getting back to their day. View your buying power, net equity, margin, and open orders all on the same page before making any trades.

Dashboard allows you to trade stocks, options, mutual funds, bonds, GICs, and new issues, with a layout that is simple, concise, and designed to get the job done quickly.

CI Direct Trading MOBILE APP


Recommended for: Ease of use


Take online trading to go! Fast, secure and reliable, you can view your account details, transactions, and positions, transfer funds in and out of your accounts, and most importantly, trade on the go - from anywhere!

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PowerTrader Pro


Recommended for: Active trading

$250 USD

Developed for active traders, PowerTrader Pro was originally only available to institutional-level investors. Now, clients can access this platform's diverse range of trading tools, including in-depth charting, hot keys, baskets, and more. This completely customizable system is designed to assist in quick decision making, and deliver intuitive execution management. 

With PowerTrader Pro, you can enter, manage, and route complex options orders to designated executing destinations. More advanced options traders can advantage of the new functionality, entering sophisticated spread orders to meet your specific options strategy. The complex options module includes pre-set spreads, order management, and selected risk controls. Free streaming quotes are available for those conducting complex options trades using PowerTrader Pro.

To request a PowerTrader Pro free trial, please send an email to [email protected] and please be sure to include the following information:

Subject: PowerTrader Pro Free Trial
Required: Name and Email Address
Optional: Phone Number

User guide

RealTick EMS


Recommended for: Rapid access to trading data

$400 USD

RealTick EMS is designed for traders who need fast, seamless access to global liquidity and advanced real-time analytics. This trading platform provides you with centralized access to aggregated liquidity and tools for dynamically managing positions, portfolios, and trading risk across global equity, futures, and options markets.

ITS TraderLite


Recommended for: Custom configurations

$580 USD

ITS TraderLite provides a high-performance trading platform across all Canadian marketplaces. It allows you to configure various displays based on how you want to work, and offers a wide range of benefits, including a low system footprint, US market data and US order entry capability, buddy trading capabilities, and registered trader functionality.

Note: Platform fee is subject to change without advanced notice. For more information, please contact us at: 1-877-310-1088 or for existing clients, please login and submit a Ticket through the “Support Centre” tab.

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